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Modular Synths. Modular Synth General Discussion Anything modular synth related that is not format specific. Go big! Get your euro on! Play Out! Performance Modulars Live patching, designs, and techniques that push the performance envelope.

Synthesis Techniques Post your patches here! Put the format s in the subject. Other Music Gear. General Gear Any music gear discussions that don't fit into one of the other forums. A place for all things soft Artist Discussion Discuss the music that you love to hear. Production Techniques Discuss everything related to production, recording, composition, etc. Synth Noise Discussing gear, production, and ideas for making noise music.Post by Dr. I am seriously considering selling My JP4 and maybe one or two other things.

But I don't know how best to go about it. Ebay is obviously the main way but it's dicey and I have never used gumtree or any of those types of sites. Is there anywhere that would be a good place to get the right kind of buyer that I am not aware of. I really don't want to post this thing, I do not trust it will be safe. Or just need the cash? Trades work great, especially if youre local and open to a wide variety of gear.

Other than that you can sell locally but be prepared to sell for a good cheap price. People wont give you Ebay prices for a local sale.

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Some people consign their stuff at music stores but the only two times I did it were a hassle and one time they tried to give me back a beat up unit that wasn't mine. Also consignment places take a pretty big chunk. At least within your continent. I've shipped all kinds of vintage synths as have many others on here without incident. This site IS your target audience! Re: places to sell vintage synths UK Post by Dr. You need an account but it's free. I've bought modular modules from users here a couple of times through the sales section.

And yes, I am more and more likely to sell a few things including the JP4 I mentioned. I need the room, getting pretty cluttered and as much as I love the JP, it's not quite inspired any music as of yet whereas other pieces just spew ideas.


I will definitely put something in here as I have bought a couple of things through it too. Will look into others. Board index All times are UTC.A new batch of PCBs have arrived and the Jasper kits are back in stock! If you would like to buy a kit, send an email to info at jaspersynth. You can find the BOM and construction guide on the documentation page. There are some FAQs as well. Jasper kits are currently out of stock — more PCBs are on their way, though.

They should be available within the next few weeks. If you would like to go on the waiting list for a kit, send an email to info at jaspersynth. When they arrive I will send a PayPal invoice with the correct shipping. In the meantime, you can find the BOM and construction guide on the documentation page. Other electronics suppliers are available, though, and the components are generally easy to find through hole parts.

Check the BOM for details. Unfortunately the 6th run of Jasper is now sold out. Many thanks to everyone who has bought the kits! Hope your builds are progressing well. I hope to get more stock some time in January — so if you are interested in getting a kit, send an email to info at jaspersynth.

When new stock arrives and is ready to ship, I can send you a Paypal invoice. The 6th run Jasper PCBs have arrived! Table at Brighton Modular Meet Watch this space! Next time, need some bigger speakers and headphones. The little Jasper speaker and my Logitech computer speakers were seriously outgunned by the competition!

The Jasper kits are currently out of stock — but more PCBs are on order. With luck they will be available in the beginning of July. If you are interested in a kit — send an email to info at jaspersynth. Details, design files and illustrated construction guide are available here. Jasper Enclosure Plans. Also kits from the 5th run are still available.

See Buying Jasper for details.


If you wish to purchase a kit, check out the Buying Jasper page for details. Jasper started as a personal project to build a working copy of the Wasp — and was offered as a limited PCB run on the Muffwiggler DIY synth forum, back in late The original forum post has grown into a massive thread, and has lead to four PCB runs so far.

Jasper is only offered as a partial kit — comprising of a printed circuit board, a control panel made from PCB material and the harder to find components. It is not an exact clone — in that some component changes have been made to make it work with transistors and ICs currently available — and a few extra features have been added for convenience. You need to build an enclosure or case for it as well as soldering all the components.

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This site will host information about Jasper and its associated projects, including the build documentation and tips, and I hope to highlight some of the builds people have made with my PCBs. If you are interested in, or have queries about Jasper, send an email to info at jaspersynth. Jasper kit PCBs are now back in stock!Get Free Trial.

Easily create projects with multi-track vocals in the standalone editor or connect the editor to a DAW digital audio workstation software via VST interface.

Since the release of Technical Preview version in Augustthe synthesis engine has been continuously improved, leading to more crispy voices and less distortion.

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Numerous new features are also introduced to the graphical interface, opening up new possibilities for your upcoming project. For the complete list of changes, please view the release notes. Also distributed with the editor are dark and bright color scheme configurations, 12 presets for glottal effects and a demo project. Buy from Quadimension Mainland China. Register for Free. Synthesizer V Editor Build Easily create projects with multi-track vocals in the standalone editor or connect the editor to a DAW digital audio workstation software via VST interface.

AiKO is enthusiastic about everything. Although she can be occasionally careless, she won't feel down when trouble comes and she's happy to make a little progress every day. Magical power resides in her dip pen styled headpiece and the large bow she wears in her theme color FDD It's been said that the magic earphones in the shape of an ink bottle can hear all forms of sound in this world.

First English voice for Synthesizer V.

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Formerly called ENG-F1. The defining elements are sealing wax and the tied ribbon around her waist, inspired by the arts of letter writing. Other elements include the sealing stamp underneath the mic stand and the boots, the bow tied on her pinky finger hinting connections shared between people, and the dip-pen-styled dress design. Despite being an epitome of the latest technology, Eleanor keeps an interest in antiques. Her personality is best described as honest, endeavoring, with an unwavering sense of morality.

He may appear a bit unpolished on the outside, going even to the degree of being seen as rude and impudent. However, he has a calm and soothing voice. Much to the contrary on the inside, GENBU cares deeply about those surrounding him, and has a somewhat weak personality resembling his voice. Her favorite things are stars and the moon, as well as frilly clothing. Visit Renri's official website for more information.Prices on vintage analog synthesizers are very high — higher than they've ever been, in fact.

Oscillators and MIDI sequences dominate pop radio, and today's legion of tastemaking producers armed with Junos and Minimoogs is larger than ever. Analog synths have steadily been getting more expensive for years now, following a period of dormancy during the digital boom between the late '80s and early s.

If you comb through archives of any gear forum, you'll see pages of threads dating back a decade full of would—be buyers lamenting high vintage synth prices. Prices are at such a crest that many have begun to wonder if we're approaching the end of peak synth pricing.

Such prognostications have been around for as long as the high prices themselves, but today's market is unprecedented in many ways. While the demand end of the analog synth equation shows no sign of cooling off, the supply side has started to grow with new, mass—produced analog synths hitting the market for the first time since the s.

Just 15 years ago, if you were interested in working with the sounds of an authentic analog oscillator your options were limited to vintage and a small high—end boutique scene.

Today, more and more major music gear makers are climbing aboard the analog train which, combined with simple economies of scale, means lower prices on new synths across the board. As he explained:. Finally, we musicians have access to new, inexpensive, reliable, and flexible analog synths that actually sound good, thereby rendering a lot of vintage gear obsolete.

Of the big three keyboard brands, Korg understands this market better than anyone. Synths like their reissue of the MS—20 and Arp Odyssey offer the sounds of vintage in an affordable, readily available package.

Beyond these reissues, the polyphonic Korg Minilogue was the most popular new keyboard on Reverb last yearwith similarly targeted instruments coming from Arturia and Novation among others. Even low—end audio giant Behringer has entered the market recently with the Deepmind, and have hinted at a whole range of cheap synth clones coming soon.

Roland's spin on this approach comes in the form of their Boutique Series, which replicates some of their classic models at a fraction of the price. While these diminutive devices are digital and certainly no stand—in for a real Jupiter or Juno, they still offer a direct alternative for players seeking that particular set of sounds.

In a higher price bracket, Dave Smith Instruments and Moog Music — both modern chapters of two classic synth lineages that launched in — are offering more alternatives to vintage originals.

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The new Model D killed the vintage market for Minimoogs," Allen explained. Though it sounds completely different, a lot of musicians are choosing the Prophet 6 for its reliability. Karl Myers is one of the co—founders of vintage gear mega store Main Drag Music in Brooklyn and shares a similar perspective.

Part is saturation, but I also think a lot of it is the increase in great new analog synths that have hit the market in the last few years. Between new Dave Smith, Korg, and Moog releases, current production units are taking a chunk of vintage market share. All of this means that today's synthesists at every experience level and price bracket have a robust array of modern hardware options to consider when seeking out analog tones.

synthesizer forum uk

To be sure, for many players, no modern recreation will ever surpass the appeal of an original. For others, though, the convenience and reliability of these modern instruments can be enough to counteract the mojo factor. Vintage synths are, after all, only getting older, and for gear that's already known for its fragility and high maintenance requirements, sometimes the headache just isn't worth it. Similar competition for today's synth dollars also comes from the always innovative and ever—expanding modular scene, as well as the power of modern computing.

In the case of modular, the Eurorack market is undeniably one of the most innovative subsections of the music gear world and is rapidly racking up more and more devotees with each new offering.

Eurorack systems allow musicians to create instruments and sounds hitherto only heard in various fever dreams and acid trips. While a bit costly to get into, Eurorack and other format systems are, by their modular nature, easy to maintain and capable of achieving virtually any sound. Virtual instruments — aka Softsynths — also bring an enormous range of vintage and new sounds to modern producers.In total there are users online :: 4 registered, 3 hidden and guests based on users active over the past 5 minutes Most users ever online was on Fri Apr 10, am.

General Synthesizers Discussions about anything analog, digital, MIDI, synth technology, techniques, theories and more. Software Synthesizers For computer based music makers.

synthesizer forum uk

Discussions about plug-ins and stand alone computer synth gear. Samplers Discussions about anything related to samplers and sampling techniques. Pulling out your hair? Don't know what to do or where to go? Ask in here. Buyer's Guide. Synth Shootouts A forum for comparing two or more synths against each other. Also known as "versus" threads.

Synth Classifieds.

synthesizer forum uk

Gear For Sale Post ads for sale. Gear Wanted Looking for something to buy? Post your requests for musical instruments and equipment here. The Hang-Out. The Listening Lounge Come here for topics reviewing and sharing songs, tracks, music, synth demos, etc. Sound Production Discussions on sound production outside the synthesizer such as mixing, processing, recording, editing and mastering. Off Topic Synthheads discuss the not directly synth-related stuff.

Who is online In total there are users online :: 4 registered, 3 hidden and guests based on users active over the past 5 minutes Most users ever online was on Fri Apr 10, am.

Board index All times are UTC.Ask anyone what it was that made the eighties such a memorable decade and you are almost guaranteed to get answers like the movies, the fashion, the television shows, and the video games. If you are a musician who would like to turn your tracks into a performance without all the hassles of dealing with a bandmate, then Accusonus claims to have the answer to your prayers.

A while back we reported on both Moog and Korg releasing some of their products for free to help synth fans stay entertained while self-isolating. The great thing about synthesizers is that many of them offer you the opportunity to create your own unique patches. Pro 2. The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 was released in and while it is not quite the successor to the Sequential Circuits Pro One that everyone was hoping for, it is still an incredible synth.

In fact…. Moog released their Sirin synthesizer, which also goes by the rather grandiose title of "The Analog Messenger of Joy" in It is a limited production analog synthesizer module that Moog based on….

Minipops The is part of the early drum machine range that Korg released during the s. The Minipops was made available during and featured six drum sounds along with 16 different patterns. Bass Station II. Novation released the Bass Station 2 in during a period when analog monosynths were enjoying a resurgence. The original Bass Station was a favorite amongst many thanks to its affordable price….

Circuit is a two-part synthesizer and four-part drum machine that was released by Novation in The two synth engines of this multi-part groovebox sequencer were derived from the MiniNova, a ….

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